Retail workshop in Sweden

Retail hardware specialists

Welcome to our workshop in Uppsala Sweden. Here we build custom solutions for any premesis. We also distribute a number of hardware retail solutions primarily for retailers in EMEA. We offer also offer strategies, user interface designs for interactive technology, know how as well as mounting hardware combined with project management. We have operated in the retail sector since 2008 and have several international projects covering food, fashion and big box retailers.

Brands we distribute

Microsoft software

Retail Store

Welcome to schedule a visit in our shop to be inspired on different projects we have implemented. We can do projects in any premesis - houses, retail, shopping malls, hotels. We have worked with different kinds of brushed metals, leathering as well as differnt kind of electronics. We have used consumer tablets, building computers, attaching accessories like printers, scanners and chip readers and more.


Jakob Gottlieb
LLM. Business University Diploma

EU 46 737 46 0000
US 1 857 205 9555
HM Group
Box 12113
SE-10223, Sweden

info at h-m-g dot se